New album from Transportation in Lethbridge

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This is the image from assignment An Album Cover. The blog will be fleshed out further in a bit.

*: I found this assignment to be both the most fun and most frustrating one. The assignment calls for taking the title of a random Wikipedia article, the last four words of a random quote, and one of the pictures of the top images on Flickr for the past seven days. The first part was easy and I felt satisfied with the name that I got the first time, though I did check out a few other random article titles but felt the first was the best. The second section was a bit difficult, in that the link in the assignment didn’t actually take me to a page that would change the quotes available, it was rather static. I stuck with the last four words because I figured that I could make them work. It was the acquisition of the image from Flickr that posed the most difficulty, as the vast majority of them had all rights reserved to them, so I couldn’t just grab one at random. But I did like what I did with the image: making the bear a center point for color, with the rest of the image tuned black and white, as well as the font that I chose for the band and album’s name, and how I placed them in logical positions on the image.

Album cover

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