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Tales of a Stink Bug

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My last run in with ds106 took place over dead week when I participated in Sarah’s Rainbow Bright shoot!!! Graduation itself was a beautiful day! Not too hot and it went by much faster than sitting at my older sister’s had. The speaker Congressman John Lewis was great. I’m very proud of UMW for putting together the semester long celebration of the Freedom Rides.  It was also wonderful to be able to walk with all my roommates and friends (instead of having a conflicting rowing regatta to be racing at.)But I hardly forgot about my Rowing career…. We were only told AFTER we’d already puffy painted the mortar boards that we were not allowed to put anything on top….such rebels. Surprisingly, only one other person had decorated theirs and it said “Thanks Mom and Dad.”

My family flew in from Florida for the ceremony (minus my older sister who lives in Mexico…xoxo).  And some great family friends came down from Pennsylvania! We had some fun with our various hats…And after all that excitement, I headed north to PA to live with my 90 year old grandma! The majority of my time thus far has been spent in the great city of Philadelphia or in a library where I take as much advantage as I can of the (slow) wireless connection to do my job search and the (freezing) air conditioning [neither of which my grandma has any use for!]  I’ve been hearing for years that now is the worst time to be graduating and trying to find a job.  And although there are retail jobs available, I just can’t bring myself to sign the application for the local Dunkin’ Donuts.  Although after only a week here and finding myself becoming preoccupied with a stink bug that just wouldn’t leave my room, I realized that maybe I shouldn’t be too picky.  [While I have not applied at the local dunkin’ donuts, I am considering more retail positions in Philadelphia where maybe I’ll at least find some entertainment as well!]  But as for my Bachelor’s degree in History, I haven’t found anything yet where that can be put to use. [Know anyone hiring?!] Instead, I’m focusing on my passion of rowing to find an assistant coaching position for this fall. [A few successful phone interviews so far and more lined up!] Stay tuned!

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