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Update, sort of

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Alright. So, I’ve been a lazy lazy lazy person who has not posted here in a while. Sorry.

Two words: Job Hunt.

Enough said.

In recompense, here’s a video I stumbled upon in Wimp:

(I understand that the link is to Youtube, but that’s where I got the embed code)

Anyhow, Wimp sent me to this website. Not sure if I like the very large photo of the artist on the page or the epithet “Magician of the Cello”, but I guess since the video was so much fun I can let that slide. The funny thing about that picture is that the eyes are looking right at what you’re watching or reading and the expression on his face makes it seem that he’s admiring your taste in content. Maybe I’m just easily amused.

I watched some of his other videos and he really does merit his epithet (even if I think it sounds silly.)

This kind of thing pretty much lines up with other artists I have come to like in the past. Apocalyptica comes to mind, as do these girls:

I think that this type of music sounds elegant in a badass way, if that’s possible.

Argh, makes me want to learn how to play violin. That’s definitely not happening until I master the guitar, though, and that won’t be happening in the near future.


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