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F For Fake – An animated GIF

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The implications this late film by Orson Welles holds for the SP711 course have yet to be determined. In the way he chose to present the art establishment and several stories of deception, one might conclude that Welles himself might create a sock puppet and join the fun SP711 fun. If only he were still with us.

Students in the classroom portion of the course will be asked to watch the 9 minute trailer for the F for Fake which has been placed on reserve in the library. If so interested, feel free to watch the film in its entirety. I hope that we’ll be able to discuss the trailer and or the film in person and online.

For those following this course via the internet, this slightly edited version of the trailer is available on YouTube.

If nothing else, the directorial virtuosity displayed by Welles gives us ample material for some good old animated GIFs such the one below of Clifford Irving and his little friend:

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