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#203 Recordings for Someone

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I thought act 1 and the greatest phone message of all time was funny as well as very unique. I thought that it was really cool how one phone message blew up to what it became with the limited technology of the time. It was funny to see that the mother really did not expect this to happen and blamed her son for him not being near the phone when she called. Until the mother admitted it, I really did not think she would have left a message as she did. That was too funny.
I also thought the messages of mothers reminding their sons to wear rubbers in the raining season was humorous as well.
Act 2 Kevin Murphy was great as he worked really hard to get his message across. I work with many people on a monthly basis that stutter and have met many kids who have done this. I think many people are not very patient with stutterers and I think that is just flat out mean. If you give a stutterer the time to get the message out, you just might be surprised what they say. What everyone says is equally important.
Act 3 John Brassfield.
War stories from the field. My brother is still in the Army and he has served as well as many as my friends overseas. I thought the recordings were very chilling as you and the recorder waited for death to come. Thank God it did not happen for this solider. I thought that was very brave to record the battles.
After listening to this segment, I was starting to ask myself. What is the line between killing the enemy and prisoners of war? I am sure those who had to kill others in battle had to ask that question as well. I am not sure what the answer is unless you just were shot at in battle and returned fire.
Act 4
I remember when I was in love once as this guy was with a special lady. I also remember having a long distance relationship and doing what I could to keep the fire stoked. It was great to hear that the couple married and had a child. It goes to show you that if you really work at something, it can work. Good for this guy and great to hear that music and being a percussionist lead him to Italy to find the love of his life.

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