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Radio Education

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Got home from the double meetings with administriviators regarding closing open courses and damaged equipments in the lab to discover that Jim Groom had made an appeal on the twitter. He was looking for someone to connect with Martha‘s current ds106 class over the ds106 radio to talk about the upcoming radio assignment for the course.

I took the bait – hook, line and sinker and said I’d be reggae for it. When the appointed time came, I fired up the internet radio transmission machine and waited for his call. It was a treat to talk to two accomplished digital storytelling educators. I think each of them did a fine job of explaining why radio has a role to play in the digital story telling project.

Hopefully, some of the current crop of SP711 sockpuppets will want to try to make some radio magic as our course builds momentum. Martha and Jim seem to haven given us the green light to build upon the past and current work of the ds106 project. Let’s do this thing.

Otto-Jim-Martha by ottopaertz

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