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What really struck me about this episode was all the talk about war. I was really suprised that the person being interviewed was as open as he was talking about the war, as many veterans close that experience of their lives off, and are uncomfortable talking about it as it brings up to many bad memories. Hearing about the My Lai massacre really upsets me. What many people don’t know about that event, is that it was premeditated and planned prior to entering the village and murdering all those men, women, and children. The prejudice, discrimmination, and hatred that occupied the hearts and minds of the soliders part of Charlie Company was of an overwhelming magnitude. Even more disturbing, is that the orchestrators of the tragedy, did not acknowledge their actions or even show remorse. It was ony in the past recent year that Lieutenant Calley made a public announcement regarding an apology for the massacre. It is an event in history that has put human beings to shame, more importantly has shed a negative light on Americans, and forever dampered our moral reputation. Vietnam itself is a war that will never be forgotten, due to the atrocities that were committed.

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