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Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone

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#360 Switched at Birth

I felt bad for the girls who might of had a different life that made more sense if Mr. Miller returned the correct baby. I know that your parents are the ones who raise you as but in this case, maybe the wrong parents raised the wrong kids. Sue seemed to take this the hardest and felt really left out of things.

     I thought it was really sad to know that the town had their own reservations and knew the secret for the most part but went along with it and remained mostly quiet. Some people dropped hints but did not drive the point home. I guess you had to be there to understand the importance of minding your own business.

     I can relate to Sue a lot as I was adopted from an orphanage and really have felt since birth that I have not fit in. I have not felt like I fit in with my own adopted family and with my adopted brother. My bio father was a professional Horse jumper and my bio mother was actually a liberal arts professor in the country I am from. I know that I do not fit in at UMW as I am not young, white and I am certainly not from the north. The University promotes diversity but that is a freaking joke here. I am not asking for more minorities to come here. That is not the case. I am just saying that if your promote diversity; make sure your student body reflects that.

     I am just saying when you know you do not fit in, it’s very uncomfortable. If I had the time to commute to George Mason as I used to, I would. So, I go here for the convenience of being close to where I live. Thanks God I found one class DS106 that was cool and can say had the most fun being creative and learned some really cool things. Isn’t that why students go to college? So when you see me walking around campus with my ear buds in, I listening to my hard rock or heavy metal to drown out the fact I know I do not fit in and can not wait for class that day to end and get to my car and get off campus to the real world. At my job I am so respected and everyone one knows me in the community as a very trusted and fun person to be around. I at least love my reputation in this area and in the mental health/ special Ed field I have worked 15 years in. Enough of my crap.

     I was bothered listening to this TAL segment when the one mother was so quick to talk about changing the name of her daughter. It seemed like she had a hidden agenda to mark that daughter off the books for years because she really was not her daughter and wanted to make it legal. It’s like returning something to store you really do not want and need a receipt to prove it, in case someone will try’ to clam you still own it.

     I am sorry this happened to this ladies and it’s good they handled it well but I am sure it was very confusing growing up the way they did. We only heard years after the fact and I bet it was hard especially through puberty and those years when there was family reunions. I could not imagine the tension.

Here are some other incidents that baby switching occurred.

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