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Switched at Birth…?

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The fourth This American Life episode, Switched at Birth, was very interesting. Not only is there a new show on ABC family called “Switched at Birth”, but it was also the episode we were to watch this week. It is absolutely mind boggling and upsetting to me that this really occurs way more than it should (it shouldn’t happen). Granted, we are all humans that make mistakes, but…to be switched in the hospital and go home with the wrong family…wow. In this particular episode, the fact that one of the mothers had an instinct from so early on is crazy. I truly can not even begin to fathom the idea of knowing this may not be my child. And then to find out her prediction was true in the end, I can’t imagine how she felt.

I remember when my little brother was born, as soon as the nurse took him out of the delivery room, my father followed the nurse to make sure 1. my brother was okay, 2. my brother came home with us. For the mother in the episode that knew all along that this wasn’t her daughter. I really don’t understand why she didn’t take further action. It’s not like she brought home the wrong color sweater or the wrong size of a pair of jeans. But rather, she brought home SOMEONE ELSE’S child! and SOMEONE ELSE had HER CHILD. I really don’t know how she could have done it all those years. Interesting This American Life episode this week.

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