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“Separation” of Church and State

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In God We Trust, the Pledge of Allegiance, Birth Control…

All common everyday practices that are under critisicm under the ideas of separation of church and state. I, myself, have always been confused on where the United States of America truly stands on this principle. It was really interesting to know that the phrase Seperation of Church and State is found nowhere in the First Ammendment, but was actually only written in a letter to/from Thomas Jefferson. While it may not be said in the Constitution itself, it has become a principle in government and the way society is run today. However, there are so many practices that contradict that very phrase. One thing I have always wondered is, in court, people must put their left hand on the Bible and raise their right hand, and this would indiciate that the person on the stand must tell the truth. However, what if someone is a different religion that doesn’t follow the Bible. I myself, am a muslim, and beleive in the Noble Quran. If I needed to go to court, would I put my left hand on the Noble Quran and raise my right hand?

The second story was really interesting. She really as grasped by the idea of god and evolution. Her Hitler reference was really good to make an empathic reaction to Hitler only day. Her story was really interesting. Her journey between the truth is attention grabbing. When she begins to wonder about Hitler and her brother Mike who had passed away, it really caught me by surprise. I was already focusing but when she brought up those memories, I was really intrigued. She goes onto realize, that one day, like us all, we and she will all pass away. I feel that there comes a time, no matter how religious the person may be, they question to understand their own religion or others; not in a disrespectful way, but more so in an understanding way.

This was a really interesting episode. I actually did not lose focus and was rather interested in the content of the show. It was interesting to hear other people’s opinions on religion and how it is intertwined with society. I actually learned alot with this episode, and even though this addressed many issues many Americans deal with today, I do not think this argument of Separation of Church and State will be resolved soon. There would be so many necessary changes to our society that would be, nearly impossible to change.

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