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#290 Godless America

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Godless America

I do not think that Religion should be involved in any academic setting unless it is the choice for student. Religious people want to push their belief system on others because they assume what was taught to them by their parents is right. We do not know if a person’s religion is 100% true. Most religions are based on here say, dreams, premonitions and dreams. Religion is as true as the believer wants it to be. People usually stick with what their parents worshipped and what works best for them. People pick the parts of scripture what works for them. No what is true but what works for them.

     Teaching evolution is a great thing because it is what we have proven to be the best explanation for how we came to be. Evolution is yes not 100% but it makes common sense and is provable with all modern and past testing. Since creationism is against the law to teach in non private schools, you are not to each it along side of evolution. Button line.

     I thought it was wrong for that teacher to basically be forced to say what her supervision said, just to vindicate him and make him feel better about what he believes.

I think the founding fathers knew that mixing religion and politics was asking for trouble. We can not escape this factor. It plays a role is who is voted president of the country and all other seats in office. The founding fathers used the bible to tell them how to live their lives. The government with the constitution tells you how you’re going to run your life. There is a fine line between the two but when mixed, it causes problems. This can be seen through out history.

     I liked act three and what was said. I was raised Roman Catholic (the first and largest of the Christian followings world wide) and went to a private Catholic middle school with nuns but have been very spiritual since high school. I believe in a high power and call it God but I do not necessarily believe in the bible and the 66 volumes it contains. There are too many contradictions and what is written is not something that can be proven. The only thing that keeps the bible a best seller is Christians who have faith that it’s real. The stories have been passed down and the translations are not accurate. If there was not a word in Aramaic that the Greek translators could use, they used what was similar. So the bible can not be read and taken literally as people think it should be.    

     Constantine was a Pagan who later became a Christian worshipped the Sabbath on Sunday’s while Jews (what was of Jesus) worship their Sabbath on Saturday’s. So Christians go to church on the wrong day. Even Chic-fil-a and UKrop’s (who closed in this town for not selling alcohol and for not being open on Sunday’s) have it all wrong when they close on Sundays. Jews go to temple on Saturday, ever seen a devout Jewish person out on Saturday? ………….Not never! The Christmas tree and Easter are all from the pagans and more to mention here at this link

All the religions have odd origins and can not give the proof that is well needed. Religious people who know this to be true just answer with, it’s all about faith. This is their way to ignore the fact that they know what they believe is really hard to believe for others. It’s their cop out every single time.

     What would religious people do if the found out that their religion was absolutely false? Would they be able to make in life or would they lose hope?

I again believe in God but all the religions that have God as the one and only, their ways of believing in are very questionable. I can see how easy it is to be an atheist. Religion is best for teaching the young and how to treat others in the world. When they get older, they should make their own choice of what they want to believe.

Why is it that people have a problem with Scientologist and their origins of their belief system but not have a problem with the Mormons mentioned in the TAL we listened to?

Scientology is way too similar to Mormonism as you can see in these videos.

After you see these videos, keep in mind that Republican front runner Mitt Romney is Mormon. If he has the nomination in 2012 and people read upon his belief system of Mormonism, will people vote him in and separate church and state? Or will people see what he believes in as the same as scientology who these people below are members of that belief system? We shall see in November of 2012!!

I personally do not care what religion the President or anyone is. I respect all beliefs systems as I am very spiritual and I read up on all the religions so I see where people are coming from.  I like to better understand people and not judge them on their belief system. I think everyone deserves that at first.  

Yes, these videos are safe to open



Here is a pics of John Travlovta and Priscilla Presley using an E-meter


Scientology members

 Kirstie Alley 1951– Actress.[2][3][4][5]

Archer, AnneAnne Archer 1947– Actress (mother of Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis).[3][6]

Aspen, JenniferJennifer Aspen 1973– Actress.[7][8]

Bartilson, LynseyLynsey Bartilson 1983– Actress.[9]

Bell, CatherineCatherine Bell 1968– Actress.[9][10][11][12]

Black, KarenKaren Black 1939– Actress.[13][14][15]

Cartwright, NancyNancy Cartwright 1957– Voice-over actress.[9][16][17][15][18]

Ceberano, KateKate Ceberano 1966– Actress and musician.[6][19][20][21] Ceberano is a third-generation-Scientologist; her grandmother worked as a governess for the children of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.[19]

Christensen, ErikaErika Christensen 1982– Actress, raised Scientologist.[2][3][9]

Conaway, JeffJeff Conaway 1950–2011 Actor.[22][23][24][25]

Constanten, TomTom Constanten 1944– Former keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.[26][27][28]

Corea, ChickChick Corea 1941– Musician.[3][5][9][6]

Cruise, TomTom Cruise 1962– Actor[3][6][21]

Dayton, SkySky Dayton 1971– Founder of EarthLink.[29][30]

Dohring, DougDoug Dohring  Ex-owner of Neopets.[31]

Elfman, BodhiBodhi Elfman 1969– Actor.[32][33][34][35]

Elfman, JennaJenna Elfman 1971– Actress.[2][3][5][9]

Elfman, RichardRichard Elfman  Writer and director.[29]

Fresh, Doug E.Doug E. Fresh 1966– Musician and actor.[9][16][17]

Geldof, PeachesPeaches Geldof 1989– Celebutante.[36][37][38][39]

Hansen, BeckBeck Hansen 1970– Musician.[3][16][17][40]

Hayes, IsaacIsaac Hayes 1942–2008 Musician and actor.[3][16]

Holmes, KatieKatie Holmes 1978– Actress (raised Catholic), introduced to Scientology by Tom Cruise while they were dating.[19][41]

Hopkins, NickyNicky Hopkins 1944–1994 Musician.[42]

Isham, MarkMark Isham 1951– Musician and film music composer.[43]

Kates, KimberleyKimberley Kates  Actress.[43]

Katselas, MiltonMilton Katselas 1933–2008 Acting teacher.[3][44]

Lee, JasonJason Lee 1970– Actor.[5][9][40][45]

Lewis, GeoffreyGeoffrey Lewis 1935– Actor.[46][47]

Lewis, JulietteJuliette Lewis 1973– Actress.[3][5][46]

Lottick, NoahNoah Lottick 1966–1990 Scientologist whose suicide was the focus of the Time magazine article “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power”.[48][49][50][51][52][53]

Masterson, DannyDanny Masterson 1976– Actor.[2][9]

McPherson, LisaLisa McPherson 1959–1995 American woman whose death has been a source of controversy for Scientology.[54][55]

Meskimen, JimJim Meskimen 1959– Actor and improviser.[56][57]

Migenes, JuliaJulia Migenes 1949– Opera singer.[58]

Milos, SofiaSofia Milos 1965– Actress.[59][60]

Moss, ElisabethElisabeth Moss 1982– Actress.[61] Placed among “famous Scientologists” in a 2009 article in the St. Petersburg Times.[62]

Nelson, HaywoodHaywood Nelson 1960– Actor.[63]

Nichols, MarisolMarisol Nichols 1973– Actress.[6]

Norton Taylor, JudyJudy Norton Taylor 1958– Actress.[43][64][65]

Palomo, EduardoEduardo Palomo 1962–2003 Actor.[66][67]

Perkins, ElliElli Perkins 1949–2003 Scientologist businesswoman[68] who was murdered by her son who suffered from mental illness.[69][70][71][72]

Phillips, BijouBijou Phillips 1980– Actress and model.[73]

Prepon, LauraLaura Prepon 1980– Actress.[29]

Presley, Lisa MarieLisa Marie Presley 1968– Singer.[74][5]

Presley, PriscillaPriscilla Presley 1945– Actress.[75]

Preston, KellyKelly Preston 1962– Actress and wife of John Travolta.[2][5][76]

Purcell, LeeLee Purcell 1947– Actress.[43]

Remini, LeahLeah Remini 1970– Actress.[2][9]

Ribisi, GiovanniGiovanni Ribisi 1974– Actor raised Scientologist.[5][40]

Ribisi, MarissaMarissa Ribisi 1974– Actress raised Scientologist.[40]

Roberts, Michael D.Michael D. Roberts 1947– Actor.[43]

Rodríguez, RuddyRuddy Rodríguez 1967– Actress.[77][78]

Santos, PabloPablo Santos 1987–2006 Actor.[79]

Sheehan, BillyBilly Sheehan 1953– Rock bassist.[58]

Singer, DavidDavid Singer  Chiropractor, Management by Statistics consultant.[80]

Slatkin, ReedReed Slatkin 1949– Criminal Ponzi scheme perpetrator.[81]

Suplee, EthanEthan Suplee 1976– Actor.[45]

Travolta, JohnJohn Travolta 1954– Actor.[2][3]

Van Susteren, GretaGreta Van Susteren 1954– Television show host.

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