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He Does Talk Fast

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This psychotic animated GOF was grabbed hastily from the Amazing Story video JIm did for me when he visited Strawberry last month.

Not quite yet the perfect style, I am getting a better handle on isolating movement (sometimes- my Ayn Rand one was better). My current technique is:

  • Load video into MPEGStream Clip
  • Use the Export Frame option to export the single frames I need as a GIF
  • Load into PhotoShop as a Stack (Files — Scripts — Load Images as Stack) – this loads each frame in a layer.
  • Activate the Animation panel (Windows — Animation)
  • Shrink the time lines into “frame” slices

    You can change the layer order. To do more isolated moviment, I have tried leaving the lowest layer as a background, and erasing all but the movement for the upper layers- this worked better for the Ayn Rand one where mostly it was just her face that moves. (download the Ayn Rand PSD to explore)
  • Make GIF! File — Save for Web & Devices (set for GIF, be sure to set animation settings at bottom right to loop forever)

Animated GIFs, yeah you get hooked on making them!

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