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Lake Oblivion

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Can’t. Stop. But must. So addictive. Perfect is the enemy of done but it’s so fulfilling trying to try and get to perfection. I can tread water in Lake Oblivion for hours. no days. no weeks!

Across the Universe into Lake Oblivion

Scene from Across the Universe. More Deep thoughts on topic: Wanted to try water. Check.

Technical Stuff:

Like last time. Ripped DVD using HandBrake. Cut segment using MPEG Streamclip. Imported video frames as layers into Photoshop CS5. Ended up with 10 frames, as per Jim’s suggestion. Created new folder, put all layers into that folder, except for layer 1. Added mask to folder (and every layer in that folder)- blocking out his head, leaving water. Export as GIF.

If that sounds like gibberish, sorry, I’m up far past my bedtime!

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