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Weekly Blog#4 Malware

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I’d like to talk about Malware since I have experienced it on facebook and MSN messenger.
Let me tell you about my experiences of Malware first ( because I think you already know about Malware).

Case I
One day I got a message from my friend on facebook, and it says “you gotta watch this video! it’s so funny XD” or something like that.
I didn’t doubt anything about it since it doesn’t sound weird for me.
Then, suddenly same kind of messages were sent to almost all of my friends on facebook.
So, I posted a message like ” Do not open the video that is sent from me, because it’s virus. I am so sorry about that”.
Then, I told my friend who sent the message to me ( he didn’t send it on purpose though…) about the situation.
He didn’t even know what was happening.

Case II
The next one happened to my MSN messenger account.
One day I got a message with URL which says ” this is your picture! you look hilarious :P” or whatever.
Again, I didn’t doubt anything at all and click it, and same kind of message spread out.
Okay, now you can call me an IDIOT or say ??????.
Anyways, so one of my friends told me that that is virus and I have to change the password.
I love her so much.
After that, I got same kind of things many times and I never opened it.
Some of my friends complained that too many people kept sending that stupid messages which is annoying. It hurt my ears.
Now I no longer use MSN messenger, I just prefer Skype.

Case III
It is not something Malware did to me directly, but…
One day my friend suddenly called me and said “I got computer virus. Can you help me with that?”.
He did not use anti-virus software ( or he did not even know about it).
I am not that knowledgeable about computers, so I called another friend whose major is engineering, and asked some help. He and I went to my stupid friend’s house around 8pm or something and checked what’s going on the computer.
I guess my friend used Avast for that.
It took for a while and everything was done around 11:30pm.
It happened on Sunday and I had an early morning class next day.
I didn’t finish my homework so I could not sleep that night because of the stupid virus and friend.
Also I had to apologize my nice friend who removed the virus from the computer for the idiot.

What I learn from these experiences
So, before I click  doubtful URLs, I try to check if the website is safe or not.
You can check it from this website; gred ?????
Sorry it’s in Japanese and I don’t know any of this kind of English website.
Type (or copy and paste )the URL in the bar which is located top of the page.

Click the red button saying ” check”,wait for a few seconds, and if the website is safe gred says “safe”.

However, this website cannot find all of the bad programs since finding all of bad programs is almost impossible…
It just helps you to avoid those bad websites.

So, if you got that bad sort of programs, change the password of SNS, remove the virus from your computer or throw your computer from your window and never touch any computer again.
I strongly recommend you to get anti-virus software.
Some people say they are fine so they don’t use it. Yea, they are maybe fine, but THEIR FRIENS ARE NOT FINE with it, like what my stupid friend did to me on Sunday evening.
I recommend Mac users to have anti-virus software too.
I know most of virus are for windows, but there is still possibility.

Here is my questions for final; You don’t need to change your password when you get a Malware at a SNS. True or False.

….It doesn’t really relate to the topic, but I heard one rumor ; guys get computer virus more often than girls because of porn ( a lot of porn videos on the Internet often contain virus).
Also I heard another rumor that if a guy gets a computer virus, it’s 90% because of porn or something sexual.
Is that true?

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