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Week 8 – Prof. Oliver Is that Really You?

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It’s been almost six weeks since we’ve heard any real word from Prof. Oliver, our digital storytelling historian that was teaching ds106 at the start of the semester with the intention of taking us on a Journey to the Center of the Internet. He had a bit of a rough start, quiet confused about how to get started and then while introducing the right digital tools for the journey, he fell off a mountain terribly injuring himself. Sadly Prof. Oliver spent weeks recovering, not just from the many broken bones and bruised ego, but he had some trouble monitoring the proper therapeutic level of his drug regimen.

I’ve had to teach in his place for a while, so not hearing word for some time I’d written off the good professor. To my surprise, apparently he’s been following along in the class and had a particularly strong reaction to last weeks radio show with students telling educational horror stories. It’s unhinged him and Prof. Oliver I once knew seems to be lost. Lost in the center of the internet? Looking for answers about teaching and learning?

Click here to view the embedded video.

He seems a bit radical but apparently he believes students are able to learn on their own, without the professors’ lecture and without assessment. Is he saying students don’t need to go to college? Shouldn’t receive grades?

I may have to go after the good Prof. Oliver and see if I can shake some sense into him. This all sounds a bit too radical.

I hoping to bring messages to him from you the students, whether it’s a message communicated in design, audio, video, or simply written. Post your response to Prof. Oliver in your blog, I’m really hoping we can help him, but I fear it may be too late.


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