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Hello everyone!
Today I would like to talk about Malware.

Until resently I did not know about Malware.
Resently TV or internet news  talks about Malware, so I recognized how malware is.
Now, I am very worry about my Windows laptop beucase last 2 months I got strenge e-mails from my old friends.
Those e-mail does not have any title or contents. That e-mail has only URL.
I was wondering what is that, so I did not open those URL.
After read articles, I think start my friends’ PC are occured by malwares.
Therefore he send me such a strenge e-mails.

My laptop have anti-virounse software, but I am not sure how much it can protect my lap top.
Does anyone know? how much anti-virous software can protect my laptop?

Just a weeks ago, I heread Smart phone have a risk to get malware too.
My smart phone does not have any anti-virous software, so I should get one ASAP.

According to Yuki‘s blog, I leraned Mac products do not have any risk to get malware!
I did not know that! It is very cool!!
However, I loke Windows products more than Mac.
Therefore Ireally need to protect my products!!

I found such as interesting CM about anti-virounse software!

I hope everyone’s PC and smart phone are ok.

Technology help our life, but sometimes it makes our life difficult too!

Be careful everyone!!

To prevent Malware, what kind of activities the owner shoud?
1. Open all e-mails
2. Dwon load all app
3. Instrolle anti-malware soft

Answer is 3

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