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Malware in Smart Phone

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I want to introduce news I read the other day.

How many of you use smart phone? If you use one, BE CAREFUL!! From the beginning of this year, Malware for smart phone is increasing rapidly. A number of Malware against iPhone, Android, or Black Berry in the world was 3 in 2009, 5 in 2010, but there are over 40 until the middle of October this year.

The reason why the number of Malware increased suddenly is not only because more people started to use smart phone. Especially for Android, we can open the OS and application software to the public. Thus it is easy for the Malware creator to attack. In fact, the major way to get Malware is through downloading application software.

Even though there is anti-virus software, it is not certain your phone can be safe for 100%. A vicious Malware takes root authority, and works outside of anti-virus software. Because the Malware has root authority, e-mails, address book, pictures, and any other information can be accessed. What is worse, there is a vicious Malware that doesn’t tell users that their phone is infected, so you may send someone’s information every time you make a call, text, or take a picture.
 Now, we can’t live without cell phone. It is necessary to communicate, to make friends, to make better relationships, or for bussiness. Smart Phone is much convenience (seriously, my phone is not smart phone so I have many difficulty), but it also is dangerous. If Malware keeps expanding, and if anti-virus softwares don’t work well, what can we do?
 so…do you still want to change your phone to smart phone?

::Final exam question::
What is the difference between Winny and Malware?

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