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 Plagiarism is the act of showing someone’s ideas or words as yours. In one word, it is a way of stealing, just like downloading from the internet for free or actually stealing something from someone such as a bag or a wallet but in this case you are stealing an idea, ideas that others spent hours to come up with or to write an article and by plagiarism you will steal it within seconds which is very unfair. Plagiarism could be stealing ideas from a book, an article online, or even from a speech. Plagiarism is very common in universities that universities are taking it very seriously, and if you get caught, the consequences could be severe.

The problem in plagiarism is more of a moral issue, imagine spending hours on an article and then someone else comes and takes it and represents it to the teacher as his/her own, how would that make you feel? I would feel quiet angry actually. I’m sure many of us have done plagiarism before, including me, but I think we should be more considerate about the people who own the original idea and stop plagiarism. It is better to spend a few more hours and do some hard work, which will pay off very well, instead of doing plagiarism and getting caught, which will make everything worse and we will wish we never plagiarised in the first place. Sometimes we might do plagiarism by mistake without knowing that we did it, if a student gets caught doing plagiarism by mistake, the punishments are the same therefore, we should learn how to quote, cite properly. Here are some tips to teach you how to avoid both accidental and temptational plagiarism. If you read the link above I’m sure you will think twice before doing plagiarism again because it might damage your whole academic life and your future.

In conclusion I would like to say we should stop plagiarism because it is a bad thing to do and it is unfair for the original owners and at last it is not worth to take the risk. From my personal experience, I would never do plagiarism again even if it meant for me not to hand in a paper on time and getting an F for that paper only instead of damaging my future. I hope everyone will do the same.

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