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ds106 #2: Mashup: Kirin Beer

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ds106-consumer mashup

     Many of my friends say I am famous for beer lover. YES, I love beer!!! Despite beer is alchole, it is good for your health (I’m not saying “drink as much as you can”. It’s up to you and your condition of course.)

     According to a waitress in Kirin City, beer helps your stomach work well, and contains vitamine and mineral.
    However, the greatest thing that beer brings us is that it helps to release stress. Think about your life..if you have something bad in your life, do you want to drink beer? Don’t you think beer fits to an atmosphere with your friends to communicate?
     Kirin City is one of my favorite place to drink beer. There are 5 kinds of draft beers; Kirin Breau Miester, Kirin Lager, Stout, Half and Half, and Heartland. Thus you can enjoy many different beers in one restaulants. Moreover, there are bottled beer, Guiness, many types of wines and cocktails. Even if you want to drink with a person who cannot drink beer, you can bring her or him to the place.
     My drinking style in that place is; 1. Lager, 2. Half and Half, and 3. Stout. Lager is good to drink with foods (foods there are also great by the way), and Stout is tasty to drink by itself. I recommend you to drink Lager or Heartland first, and then try other ones :)
     Staffs making beer there have to have lisence to make beer. It seems kind of easy, but it is not actually. The taste is different by the staffs. They have to practice a lot before they take the exam, and of course sometimes they cannot pass. Moreover, they have to have knowledge about beer. In short, staffs in the restaulants are all professionals of beer.

Why don’t you start planning to see friends with fabrous beer?

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