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Week 9 Learning Mashup from One of the Best – – Monty Python

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Friend and colleague, Daniel Phelps took some time last week to talk to us about his Introduction to Motion Graphics course at York College and the amazing mashups his students are doing. His students spent some time looking at the magazine cut-up styled animation created by Terry Gilliam for Monty Python’s Flying Circus. His class watched a Gilliam short that describes the how and why he makes animation, and then created the project assignment based on Gilliam’s process. The resulting work from the students is some of the best work I’ve seen by York student’s particularly Seeking Help, Shaun of the Dead Mashup, and the ridiculously funny Scarface Meets Super Mario Bros.

As you look through the ds106 assignment bank for video and mashup, keep the cut-up in mind. Think about how you might use some scissors, paste, and puppetry (I don’t have the After Effects skills to do what Daniel’s students do myself). I’m going find a way to do this myself in the next couple of days and will submit an assignment idea around it too (if no one beats me to it).

Look for at least two assignments to do in this week and be sure to narrate, narrate, narrate your process! See you Monday.

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