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I GIF’d again.

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Always and eternal, the satisfaction of making an oots-style animation with Inkscape and GIMP. These have been entered in the last few Iron Avatarists.

The Marx Brothers are fantastic classic cinema, and you should watch them. This emulates the opening of Monkey Business.

Cats have it so easy. Find string, play with string, string goes away, nap, dream of string. This GIF isn’t that popular on my popularity-judging-site (DeviantArt) but it’s one of my favorites because it actually has a narrative.

And here’s my latest. The new contest is “Man vs. Machine”. So I could either go for Terminator, or I could go for the dangers of mundane objects. I made this into a movie trailer, it just seemed to work better this way.


As for my November Challenge, I’m working on it. Having a full time job is kind of time consuming. =(

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