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Hello Frustration, Goodbye Determination. Now with Gifs!

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Couldn’t get any more specific than the title right there. I realized I am falling behind in this class and I just can’t help but get frustrated. It’s no excuse, but I got a lot of things on my plate and it’s all sort of. . . overwhelming me at the moment. I’m not panicking, simply addressing my frustrations. I’m not exactly asking for sympathy, I guess I’m just venting. It’s my page right?

Right. This also isn’t an excuse, It’s just a moment I’m having, a phase I am going through, not unlike the phases I go through when I like a new show. I will get over this, this isn’t me giving up. Not yet at least.

A friend taught me the ropes of final cut, and just when I was on my way making my Monsters Inc/ Reservoir Dogs mash-up video, I did SOMETHING I have no idea was, and ended up completely trashing the project. And no, I haven’t started it back up.

This is just a rough patch for me. At least that’s what I keep telling myself in the hopes of things sort of calming down on my to-do-list.

“I am an aaccomplice in my own frustration.”

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