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DS106#4-Writing-Tell me a story

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For ds106 assignments, I have done three from Visual Assignments so far…so for now I am change category from visual to writing. I picked assignment of “Tell me a story”. It is about take a photo of my important item and explain it. I was thinking to explain about my electric dictionary that I have been using since six years ago..but I have the calculator that I have been using it for seven years, so, I picked the calculator as my important item to explain. For most of people, a calculator is just a calculator, but for me, my calculator is very important. OK, here is my calculator….

There is a reason why I bought this elaborate calculator seven years ago.
Because I was in Canada and have been to high school there.
In Japanese high school students don’t usually use this type of calculator in high school but Canadian or American students do. So other words, this is my memory of Canada.
By the way, I had taken total six math courses even though I am not math student. I am not really study person, so I was always studying the night before the test. I could not really understand English at first, so it took a whole day for me to understand the materials of the classes. I could not really understand the material, so I asked my Japanese friends and friend from Germany to study together. We usually study at my house, I stayed with host family and they gave me a whole basement to stay, so I had a pretty huge space. Every time, my friends came over, and study together we could not really do study. Instead, we are just hanging out…like…chatting…playing pool…playing video games…etc..

Well….we tried to study together but we couldn’t, so I usually study super hard a night before the test…and I had been solving math problems with my precious calculator and study through entire night..and took exams…I did pretty good job on every math exams it was good!!

Anyway, this calculator represent my memory of Canada..

I am still keep in touch with my host family and friends from high school in Canada!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!

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