The Process of Setting Up My Blog

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After about 72 hours of propagating, it looks like my blog is finally working on my computer.  It was definitely a new experience for me, so I’m still just hoping everything is working correctly.  I followed the guidelines on the assignment page and used Hover to purchase my domain name, which uses my full name.  I decided to differ from using Cast Iron Coding for my web host (mainly because I couldn’t easily get it to work) and used Host Gator.  At first I was a bit confused with which name servers to use on the Hover settings since I didn’t use CIC, but Host Gator had sent them in the confirmation email.  Since then I’ve basically just been playing the waiting game and refreshing my page often to see if it’s working until now. Now I just have to try and catch up and keep pace with the Daily Creates ( and other assignments.


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