My thoughts on Gardner Campbell’s “A Personal Cyber infrastructure”

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Throughout the reading of Gardner Campbell’s “A Personal Cyber Infrastructure” and watching the “No More Digital Facelifts” presentation with Campbell and Jim Groom I had a bunch of thoughts going through my mind. I’ve always been more of the spectator type on the internet, checking out other people’s posts such as videos and pictures but not making much of an imprint of my own. Campbell made the point that we are all capable of being “architect’s of our digital profile”, which made me think of what little digital profile I have. Not a week ago I had nothing but a facebook and several email addresses. At the end of the presentation as Campbell was answering someone’s question, he brought up the fact that when students come to college they get an email address. That’s about as far as we’ve come with integrating this new online technology into education, but who knows where we’ll be in the upcoming years. It’s very possible that in five or so years students will receive domains when they come to college, to me that’s very interesting to think about. The purpose of this online space was also brought up many times in the reading and presentation. One of the conclusions made is it can be used to narrate, curate, and share. Just getting ideas out there into the online community that otherwise might be kept to oneself is a cool idea. One of the only drawbacks that I can see with having a personal online space where you can share ideas for everyone to see is maybe not wanting everyone to see everything you’ve thought or created. Sometimes there are creative things that one might want to post online that they would openly want friends (or potential friends) to see, but maybe not future employers. Definitely a lot to think about with regards to the state of technology and it’s current involvement with education (a lot of it is hard to put into words).


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