Burnt Popcorn and plugins

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Just had about a 30 minute long fire drill right as I was starting to get ready to retire for the night. Nothing worse than the piercing sound of the alarm right as it goes off, disrupting the overall silence of my room. Now that I’m awake I thought I’d make a blog post on how my experimenting with plugins has gone. I added the recommended ones without problem, although I just figured out that I needed to drag the twitter tools to the sidebar to be able to update my twitter from my homepage. I thought getting a running log would be pretty cool seeing as I’m a runner, but so far it looks like I have it set up so I can only attach running info when I make a new post and I was hoping to have it be a stand alone thing I could append to the sidebar. Another disappointing plugin I installed was the “Game of the Day” one from AOL. I’m not sure if I’ve been spoiled by other games, but the game’s thus far have been very un-fun, so I’ll most likely be taking that down and looking for a replacement shortly. That’s about it so far, still have a lot of experimenting to do. -Scott

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