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Digital Facelifts & Personal Cyber-Infrastructure

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In 307, we have discussed becoming master learners and the difficulty that entails. I think that corresponds well with what Gardner Campbell says about incorporating technology into the classroom.  It’s difficult to take the step toward a technology based classroom because most teachers are intimidated by the idea of not knowing everything about a subject.  In this day and age, students have grown up on technology. It has become so relevant and such a huge part of their everyday lives that it would a shame not to incorporate this into their education.

43 minutes into the video, a man poses a question about how late is too late to get students started with technology, and claims that his daughter is 8 years old and has a blog and domain of her own. What?! What a great opportunity for this child to become immersed into technology at such a young age.  I am 21 years old and just set up my own blog.  I feel like I’ve learned so much already, so imagine how much this child will know by the time she’s 21.

Campbell states that this type of instruction would help students “build a personal cyber-infrastructure, one they would continue to modify and extend throughout their college career — and beyond.” Making things like this available to students gives them a set of skills that would be extremely beneficial not only in the job market, educational, and digital fields, but also enables students to connect to other cultures and people around the world.

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