Web 2.0 Storytelling

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These articles were interesting in that they pointed out how I already use web 2.0 storytelling. When I first heard the term, I was quite baffled to be honest but turns out I do it all the time. My personal blog is like a diary type story of my life, just like Alexander’s article explains. Also I think my use of social networking is also a form of digital storytelling. My Facebook is the story of my life, created through status updates photos and the addition of new friends. Facebook even tracks my relationship patterns and my family members. Maybe Facebook is a new kind of Autobiography. Strange to think about, I guess I hope my life shapes up to be more than just a Facebook page. I think being able to skillfully tell a story digitally is a skill completely necessary in this new world. Our future students will need to know how to communicate every aspect of their life and work through the web in a way that will set them apart, rather than in the same old boring way as everyone else. Being able to create and be part of the internet world is a skill that is becoming more and ore valuable in our society. 

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