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1.0 vs. 2.0

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Digital storytelling puts a name to a familiar concept.  This means that students can learn collaboratively and much faster than ever before. The learning is no longer one dimensional, as it was with 1.0.  With 2.0, students can be an active part of their learning community, adding, taking away, and editing information on the web. Wikipedia and Google Docs are just two examples of this.  Students can also gain access/ stay in touch with others around the world, using social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, or personal blogging sites.  This brings up the idea of digital storytelling, where “departments or categories can offer a snapshot of blogger interests” (59).  You can tell a lot about a person through their simple micronarratives, such as background choice, pictures, or status updates. These social networking sites essentially tell a story of their own about an individual.  Web 2.0 allows us to actually be a part of the experience rather than just observing it.  The possibilities to surf, share, and create are endless using 2.0 and it’s about time we take advantage of everything it has to offer!

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