DS 106 Assignment “Really Reality TV”

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Concept: We find that the reality shows and documentaries are interesting because they are not totally made up. Every single body on this earth must have a story to tell. Life is just like a reality show, everyone is an actor. No matter you like the story line or not, you have to keep acting until the last episode ends. I believe everyone has a purpose in this world, but I still don’t know what my task is. So I decided to keep acting this show without a script.  It is the 20th season of the Eugene Live Show, lots lots of mysteries are in the show.

Process: I used one of my photos to make the poster and used ColorSync Utility to change its brightness, sharpness, contrast, gamma, exposure and sepia. Typed the texts through Paint and took a screen shot on sidereel.com. Lastly pasted my poster on the screen shot.

For increasing the viewers, the actor has done several dangerous actions…. the price were being broke, losing teeth, losing job, passing out, heartbreak and having stitches… Overall this show should be rated as PG-13 …

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