From Ordinary to Extraordinary!

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For this assignment, I choose to take a normal person, and make them extraordinary. While I did choose a normal looking picture of my best friend, I have to admit that nothing has to be done to make her look extraordinary. She already is! Therefore, I decided not to try to make her look any better, just different…and weirder. I took a picture of her into picnik and the used a variety of tools to distort her figure.

  • edit—>effects—>GOOIFY
  • edit—>effects—>POSTERIZE
  • edit—>effects—>PIXELATE (darken mode)

After the picture looked sufficiently strange, I saved the before and after to my desktop. Then, I opened them in Photovisi (, which is a website that allows you to make collages. I chose the collage I wanted, and then it took me to a page with my collage layed out. I clicked the button that said “add items,” then chose the two saved pictures. pictures from your computer or photos from your webcam that you want to include in your collage. After I had them where I wanted them, I clicked “Finish,” saved the collage as a picture, and uploaded it to my blog!

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