Visual Assign- Play in the Big Leagues

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For my second visual assignment of the week (3/10 stars after this, I have a ways to go) I decided to do the “Play in the Big Leagues” assignment. The assignment is to simply replace the faces of high level sports players with faces of average Joes (I chose myself). I found my inspiration for this assignment watching Duke beat UNC on a 3 at the buzzer by freshman Austin Rivers last night (link if you missed it – First I photo shopped my face onto the picture of the legendary buzzer beater by Christian Laettner in the 1992 semifinals of the NCAA tournament.


Edited: Laettner edit

Next I photo shopped my face onto a more current picture of Mason Plumlee blocking a shot.

Original: block

Edited: blockedited

Sources for originals:
Laettner shot:
Plumlee block:

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