Return to the Scene of the Crime

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return to the scene

I loved this assignment! It definitely took me back to some youthful memories. I tried to think of a place where I have spent a lot of time, taken a lot of pictures over the years, and created a lot of memories. The field in this picture is actually right across the street from my house, literally. I used to spend so much time in that field. This picture is actually of two of my best friends, whom I have known for about twelve years now. It was taken in May of 2009, and we had just had a picnic for a friend’s eighteenth birthday. It meant a lot to me, but I didn’t know it at the time; I hadn’t realized it was one of the last times we all would spent together before we parted ways and left for college. I was constantly reminiscing while doing this assignment because I thought all of the snowball fights I took part in, the late night trips to the swing set, and practicing softball, all in that same field. I felt really old, actually.

This assignment seems pretty basic, but it took quite a few tries to get it just right. I actually thought of the “How to be a Better Photographer” source, and how it said to ask myself what I love about the shot, and to compose it with that in mind. So, that’s what I did. I never really thought of it in that aspect, so that technique is probably the one that helped me complete this assignment. In the background on the left, there is a tree that I always loved because of the shape of it, for some reason. I picked this picture in particular because I was so happy that the tree was in it. So I wanted to make sure the tree was seen and somehow framed the old photo.

The cool thing about photography is after you take a picture, you notice so many things you love about the picture that you didn’t even think of as you were taking it. For example, I loved how different the scenes in the picture are, even though they are taken at the exact same place, from the exact same angle. You can’t tell that when you originally look at the picture, though. Because of the dead grass and leafless trees, it looks like two totally different areas. I don’t think I ever even realized how green the grass in that field really is during the summer… crazy.

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