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This week all of the daily creates were photographs. I posted up to Feb 8th, but the site was getting a bit cluttered so Groom asked us to just post our daily creates in one weekly post instead of daily.

For the 9th the prompt was to photograph something that represents what you aspire to be. I aspire to make a living with my computer science degree…So I thought I could represent that here with my mechanical keyboard (yes I know it is dirty).


For the 10th the prompt was to photograph confusion. I chose to take a picture of my Computationl Science Textbook because I think that class may become very confusing for me this semester.


For the 11th we had to take a picture that showed the complexity of the human hand. I took a picture of the underside of my hand in a fist because it shows how different the hand can look compared to an outstretched position.


For the 12th we had to take a picture of a tattoo, either on us or a friend. Since I don’t have any tattoos (..yet) I used one of my friend Stephen’s. He got an “HOV” tattoo as a tribute to his Junior year of cross country, specifically it represents our trip up to watch some of the Seniors run at nationals in Ohio.

stephen's tattoo

Hope you enjoyed!

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