Driving in America is safer than Japan? Differences between driving on Right Side of the Road and Left.

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Most countries drive on the right hand side of road which the driver seat is on the left. Meanwhile, many developed countries follow the left hand traffic system, such as the UK, Japan, Australia and Singapore. In fact, many countries have changed the rule. For example, these Japanese colonies such as Korea and Taiwan changed to right side after the Second World War; it didn’t make a big difference since most civilians couldn’t afford a car until 50’s~60’s… Okinawa, the island has changed the rule for at least 2 times. It changed to right side during the US military occupation, and changed back to left side during 1978. The Japanese government spent nearly 150 million on the conversion costs and the US military spent approx. 500,000 to switch signs on its bases. No wonder Hong Kong and Macau are still following the left hand traffic when they have already been returned to China for decade (just my own opinion).

Ok! People might wonder which side is better. Should we follow America or Britain?

According to J. J. Leeming’s research in 1969, driving on the left has a lower collision rate than driving on the right. It is asserted that because humans are more usually right-eye dominant than left-eye dominant.

Hum… Although Americans think Asians are bad drivers, Japanese license is much harder to get than getting an American one. Some people even spend 1 year on it… Plus, there are various kinds of license, e.g. licenses for AT and Manual…
However, I believe there are still many factors. Compare to the US, Japan has narrow roads, even high ways. Moreover, the roads in Tokyo are always winding. The routes are overdeveloped but unorganized.

I can say: people would feel more relax to drive on an American road than Japanese road. If you want to experiment immediately, drive into a US base in Japan. You can tell the big difference!


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