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Here are my Daily Create’s from 2/13-2/19. It was a pretty busy week for me, but I got them all up.

Monday- A picture eating food in an unusual way. I went with one of my favorites: dry Ramen

Dry Ramen

Tuesday- A picture of a toy in action. I chose to take a picture of my toy, my GPS watch.


Wednesday- A picture showing how old you feel. Wednesday was my 21st birthday, so I took a picture with a shot glass and wore my Chris Duhon Duke jersey (#21)


Thursday- A picture of a bird. Picture from one of my family canoeing trips on the Maury River.


Friday- A picture of artwork, making it your own. I took a picture posing in my brother’s clay mask that he made back in elementary school.


Saturday- A picture of my most prized possession. Took a picture of a piggy bank I got from my parents long ago.

Piggy Bank

Sunday- A picture of someone you wish to work, or have worked. Took a picture of an American Eagle bag.

Previous Job

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