Why are we condemned for being creative?

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After watching Larry Lessig’s presentation on creative domains, I realized how directly the arguments he stressed are affecting me. Being a musician myself, I felt obligated to elaborate on this issue. Lessig speaks on the amount of control the government has put on creativity and the manipulation of someones work to emphasis a very different message. he addressed the fact that they are now governing the use of “remixes” on sites like youtube with a feature known as “auto-takedown”. Personally, I have remixed songs myself, making using only the vocal tracks of the original music, and manipulating the melodies to my liking using different instruments. But with this new restriction, it keeps me from exposing my work to anyone; for that is the reason I make music, for my enjoyment, and for others as well. I agree with Lessig’s proposal to ask for permission from the original artists or have the artists grant permission to use their work for amateur use as opposed to commercial use, however the resilience of the government to take an adequate ┬ácourse of action very soon worries me. I love creativity. Most of my passions thrive on creativity, and I feel it is socially unethical for their to be a law against the creative mind. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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