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The infographic basically shows the opinion of average American and the conclusion

American society is diversity, but not mongrelized

Relationship between different races is highly acceptable, but the majority does not practice.

The infographic that made by our group is the conclusion of dating different races. We sorted out the opinions by different category of gender and race. It includes, male, female, whites, non-whites and the average.

The result is kind of sad, overall 94% of them support international marriage when there is only 62% do not strongly prefer dating the same race.

America is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and people are pretty proud of the diversity.

However, most people only hang out within their ethnic groups. For example, in the reality, most Chinese Americans date Asian people since they usually stick with their own community.

We made this infographic to proof that Although the majority has liberal view about international marriage, there are still many people who wouldn’t date the different race.

It was my first time using prezi to do the presentation. I thought the tool was pretty cool and convenient!

Thanks to Prezi, Skype, and Google document we could communicate well during the process. Even though every single member was extremely busy that we could not sort out much time for the group discussion.

Overall, I thought our presentation was way better than we had expected!!  Otsukare!!

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