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Radio Lab Killer Empathy


From the very beginning they caught my attention with the kind of music that lets you know, something is about to happen. They also drew you in with their quirky comebacks to one another that lightened the mood. The background story to this particular short was one that many would find extremely interesting.
Scientist, Jeff Lockwood a professor at the University ok Wyoming was working with a set of insects known for their ferocious behavior (Gryllacrididaes or Cricket on steriods). They attack any and everything that comes their way so Jeff found ways to manipulate or maneuver around the insects to avoid being slashed and bitten. As he furthered his research he began to get attached to the insects. As he got closer and more compassionate toward the Gryllacrididaes a night changed his objectivity. One of the Gryllacrididae almost escaped so he slammed the box shut and cut the insect down the belly. The Gryllacrididae started to consume its own inside and Jeff was quickly disgusted. But he soon remembered an important point a professor once told him, Dr. LaFage. Do not put your objectivity within your experiments.
This particular radio show played with sounds regularly while interviewing Jeff Lockwood. They may throw in a cricket noise now and then or add suspenseful background noise when talking about rage or horror and calming music when talking about compassion. Another interesting thing was they took bits of the actual interview and meshed it with their own thoughts. This radio show was very interesting because it was able to keep my attention through an interview by not only talking through the radio show but adding sound effects, layering of music, a little humor and their own interpretation on effects.

Killer Empathy Radio Short

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