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I don’t know why, but I find the audio daily creates much harder to do than the other categories.  That’s not to say I don’t like them, but rather that they seem to take longer for me to do than the other categories.

TDC43:  The story of a place in an ambient recording.

I was sitting in the library trying to cram for an exam the next day, and I couldn’t think of anything to do for this daily create.  My woes were compounded by some obnoxious people talking much too loudly behind me.  So I decided to record them and at least make them useful to me.


TDC44: Record a favorite song using only your voice

I think this was the most fun I’ve had doing a daily create yet.  I heard all of the artistic songs done in class, and thought about trying to do something similar.  But it was 2 am, I was new to Audacity, and I had an exam in the morning.  So I went with a tried and true classic.  At least in my opinion.  I didn’t do it justice, but I had a great time trying.


TDC049: My kind of weather

Some crazy light

I took this picture on a class trip to Italy several years ago. I had forgotten about it until now.  It’s awesome how certain pictures can bring right back to a place.  I was on a ferry crossing from mainland Italy to Sicily, and my entire tour group was exhausted.  We’d spent most of the preceding week on a bus, and we were all sick of moving.  Our spirits changed considerably when the skies decided to welcome us into the next part of our trip with a certain heavenly aura.

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