Daily Create Recap – Week 6

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I love Audacity. If only I could have gotten the AutoTunes plugin to work! I actually had to reinstall Audacity several times as I attempted to install a plugin that would add the AutoTunes sound effect to Audacity. I read blogs, watched tutorials, nothing worked. So due to technical difficulties, I didn’t get into the audio challenges like I would have preferred this week. But there is plenty of time for that in the next two weeks.

Since I had Audacity up and running on Thursday, I used it to participate in the “say your name backwards” challenge. I decided first to read my name as it is spelled backwards, then add a rewind/remix sound from freesounds.org, then copy and paste the track and reverse that selection to have it play back my double-reversed name. It actually almost sounded natural. I could hear my name in there somewhere. It was fun anyways. So in bizarro world, it seems my name would sound like this:

Friday’s daily create was back to photography, which makes my heart go pitter patter. Our assignment was to take a picture that represents your favorite color. I am a blue girl with a special weakness for aqua blue (it reminds me of the ocean on the beaches of Barcelona where I could see clear to the ocean floor). For this oceanic inspiration, I chose a picture I took of a jellyfish at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, where I am a member and frequent visitor.
Aqua Blue + Jellies

Sunday’s Assignment – Take a picture that represents your favorite weather. My favorite is BEACH WEATHER! I’m a beach baby! Or better yet, my babygirl is an adorable beach baby. My mom is smokin’ hot too in her beach hat. Notice the theme here? I think my next home needs to be somewhere warm and sunny.
Beach Baby

Love the colors and themes this week. Now I’m getting all excited for summer (I’ll skip spring, thank you very much. Too much rain)!

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