Second Audio Assignment: The Contest Nobody Could Win

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For my second audio assignment I decided to do the mashup/guess the songs challenge for 2 stars.  This was really fun to make.  I wanted some sort of theme for the mashup, so I made the clips be the first two lines of the first song in the mashup.  Most of the clips contribute one word, but a few contribute two.  All told I think I incorporated nine clips from different songs.  I know that’s past the suggested six, but I wanted to finish what I started.  I don’t necessarily like all of the songs, but I chose them based on how recognizable they are and the clarity of the words I was trying to use them for.  All but one are pretty famous, and the odd duck is very well-known to certain demographics.  As far as combining the clips goes, I did everything in Audacity.  I simply added each clip as a separate track, trimmed them to the desired length, and then staggered them so that one begins right after another ends.  Happy guessing!

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