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A Sweet, Sweet Battle: Day Three

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I’m not expecting instant miracles. This first week (and maybe the second), I’m mostly doing some mental observations as to when, why, and where I get sugar cravings, as well as what I want to get.

Today, I started craving around eleven. I held off until lunch, and tried to assuage myself with a Granny Smith. In retrospect, I think this was pretty successful, so huzzah! However, when I went to work an hour later, the need was back–largely in part, I think, because I was feeling down.

I gave in without much of a fight (now that I think of it) and bought a package of Reese’s Sticks. Only about thirty minutes later, I decided to get a mocha. I was feeling tired and new caffeine would help, but I didn’t really consider that there is probably a ton of sugar in that drink.

one of each, please

"One of Each, Please" by Darwin Bell on Flickr

So, it wasn’t a great day in this respect, but I’m going to see about rallying myself and putting off anymore sugary good for the rest of the evening, and consolidate myself with a glass of sweet wine after dinner.

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