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Every artist needs inspiration as doesevery author. I would know. I am a photographer and a painter. I havealways been artistic in my own way. Ever since I was little I knewwhat I wanted to do when I got older. When I was little I thought Itwas all about pretty pictures, paintbrushes, and amazing stories. Inever thought about the emotional hardships that one would go throughin attempting to be creative.
We tend to forget about the things anauthor goes through that brings out the best in him. The emotionalturmoil it must take to write a book. The toll it takes on his familyto sit at a desk every day of his life. I am pretty sure we know thatauthors do not sit at a desk 24/7, 7 days a week. I am pretty surethey would go absolutely nuts. Most authors are pretty crazy thoughif you really think about it. There is a toll taken on a writers lifewhen he chooses to become an author. The effort it takes to producebook after book after book. You would think they would run out ofideas eventually. Just as artists have their inspiration so doauthors. A time in their life that is sad may produce a novel thatbrings tears to your eyes and makes you think about your life. Or alife changing event may lead an author to write a novel that willchange your life. So many things can determine the outcome of anovel.
Just as a painter paints a scene, anauthor paints with words. An author must depict emotion throughwords. He can make you feel sad, or make you feel happy. It is allset in the tone the book is meant to be set in. What the author isfeeling while writing this chapter determines where the story leads.Its like a roller coaster. Up and down and down and up! Most authorsplan the end of the book first, then let their minds take themthrough a maze trying to get to the end.
As an artist I can understand about theemotions needed to create something amazing. Its hard to not let youremotions control where your work is going. When I do photo sessionswith a family, its hard to work with someone who is sad and down andun inspiring for me to shoot. Authors do the same. We all as artistsneed some form of inspiration so we can create.

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