The Effects Of Music On My Writing

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Most music that sounds cliche, average or not good at all is probably because of the writing that has been associated with it. Back in the day music had lyrics that were written by legends like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen, but some artists now and days have great lyrics that are the greatest heard. A few examples of new age artists that have great lyrics are – Lil Wayne, Darius Rucker, Wale and Florence and The Machine. The way music changes writing is how the lyrics are written and how there sung, rapped or read in a whole.

The certain ways that music has changed my writing style is mainly how the lyrics are written because if their written right then the artist will add his on twist on them and enhance it. I love music it is mainly the reason on why i started writing poetry. Wale is the main contributor on my what i call my best pieces in poetry because the stuff he says is so emotional, strong and motivating which leads me into writing my best pieces. The main types of poetry I write is only one and its Haiku’s. There so easy to write but yet so powerful in each part of the poem but you have to make sure you say the right stuff in the right way. Writing poetry is my true passion and its all because of the music i listen too.

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