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This week and last our group has been working towards creating a 30 minutes radio program called “Groovy Movie Review Crew.” The topic for our show, if you couldn’t guess from the title, is movie reviews along with mock interviews with actors from recently released movies.


Thursday (2.23.12):

Today we met with our group for the first time. The objective of this meeting was to figure out our show’s genre and topic, and then begin planning it’s structure and content. Once we decided to do a show about movies, the ideas started coming fairly easily. We chose to do at least three movie reviews for motion pictures we have recently seen. These would be presented as a dialogue for the show. We also thought to create two mock interviews with relevant actors in the movie business. The show’s commercials and bumpers will also relate to movies or pop culture. Our next meeting is Saturday, when we will begin recording.

Saturday (2.25.12):

We began recording today, and it took about three hours to record roughly 70% of the show. These recordings will obviously need some editing, as we rarely got through a whole segment without a blooper. We also had a separate microphone record our conversation and bloopers in order for the 10 minute “making of” track that will show us working behind the scenes. We used audacity to record our voices, and also went online to find sound bites to incorporate into our show. One problem we ran into was the sound quality of our voices when far away from the microphone. To solve the problem, we recorded our voices on┬áseparate┬ácomputers and will merge the audio together in audacity to sound like one flowing program. Next meeting we will finish recording and start editing.

Wednesday (2.29.12):

Tonight’s meeting was fairly short, as we had only a small portion of the show left to record. Once we were finished, we split up the editing responsibilities over spring break. If all goes well we may be able to finish the final product without having to meet again. I’m excited to see the final product and I believe or project has a lot of originality. Tomorrow we will be posting a small sample of our program.

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