Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?

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Batman vs. Kong Poster

I took the original poster for the movie King Kong and put Batman in there who clearly doesn’t belong.

For the assignment Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From?, I opened the original King Kong poster with Photoshop. Then I got rid of the dinosaur and the woman by copy and pasting the original environment behind them. So I used the history brush to blend it so they would disappear.

Then I took Batman and put him in. I had to make him really dark by adjusting the Hue/Saturation in order to match the tone of the poster.

To make the light reflect on Batman I used the Fading Brush and made it really large and used the color white. I spread that all over Batman then used the History Brush to erase the parts I did not need. I only kept some of the white around his body to make it appear  that the light source made sense in contrast to Kong.

For the Font I used Verdana and used the effect of Inner Shadow, the color used is white. I also added fade only to the bottom of the letters.

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