Is Education A Conspiracy?

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A friend posted a video on Facebook saying an education is useless. I am an open minded person so I asked him why he felt this way. He told me the video explains his feelings. When watching the video I had both supportive and opposed opinions. The person in the video stated education is nothing but a place to socialize and doesn’t teach anything to be applied in the real world. The part that I supported is that we are not taught specialized knowledge, only generalized. How is the information we learn useful if we don’t know how to apply it? An example to this question is math, were not taught to apply math on investments and stocks. Education does come with financial stability, right? This is what we are taught but, we can’t achieve this if we can’t apply general knowledge to specialized knowledge. I oppose the part saying college is a place to socialize. Some people do come to college to just to make friends and be apart of organizations but, most come for an education. A certain segment in this video was about a lady who had a doctorate degree. The lady said she’s been in debt since she graduated college and, she wished she would have graduated high school and got a job at McDonalds. This segment was the part that I opposed the most. She may have been in debt but, a job at McDonalds would probably come with more debt. I respect the video but, I don’t approve. 
My friend that posted the video is living a very wealthy life without a degree but, that won’t be the case for everyone. He dropped out of college last year because he ran into many lucrative businesses. He inherited a real estate agency, owns a bail bonds company, and other businesses. I’m not saying this can’t happen to anyone else but, it is rare. I have come to the conclusion that it’s the opinion of a person if an education helpful for them or not.

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