Living In Your Relative’s Shadow

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Living in Your Relative’s Shadow
                Ever since I could remember my older brother was better than me in anything and everything that we competed in. But hey I guess he’s supposed to because for one he was born before me, two he always worked out so I know he was stronger and third he had football running in his blood from the day he started playing. On contrary he’s however not better than me in various things that aren’t used in sports but that are used in the entertaining business. See what people don’t know about me when they first meet me is that I’m funny and that I love comedy in the acting business. My writing is also helped me to believe that I can write scripts with plots that could be acted on Broadway.
            My brother might have the sports light shining on him but I have the spotlight on me from many casting companies and director venues. Writing helps me let go of some of my stress which I know I can use in scripts that I am working on. A great writer once said “if you want it, then you can do whatever it takes to get it,” says Aristotle and I truly believe that because I’ve seen a lot of people attain the dreams their reaching for. Yeah I live in my brother’s shadow for football but he lives in mine for the entertaining business. 

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