Audio #4 “Movie Voice Machines” 3 Star Assignment

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For this audio assignment I had to create a voicemail message for a character in a film or tv show using samples, impressions, and/or music to create the message. I decided to pretend I was “Squidward” from “The Sponge bob Square Pants” television show on Nickelodeon. I must say I cracked myself up while doing this, others may not even believe it’s me because of the way I sound which is the funny part ha ha!! Well, In order for me to pretend I was Squidward I held my noise as if I was trying to suffocate myself, and then I began practicing my best impression of how he speaks on the show! I think I did a pretty good job! LOL! I decided to be a little more creative and include the sound of a cow on the answering machine as if Squidward was milking it, and then towards the end of the message I included the beep sound for people to leave the message, I found both the cow sound and the beep sound on YouTube as well, as for the voice that was all me! check it out!

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